Here are just a few answers to common questions from our clients.

If you have additional questions that aren’t listed here Email us [email protected] or give us a call at 605-202-5263.

What kind of land do you buy?

We buy vacant land anywhere in USA of any size and condition. We tend to buy residential and recreational land which has not been developed or improved much. We generally do not purchase land without legal access or land with Federal designated wetlands on it, because it makes them hard to build on it.
Some of states we currently have land in are California, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Texas, and Pennsylvania.

Do you pay fair prices for the land?

The prices we pay are fair and gainful for both parties. We do not pay retail price but pay all associated administrative and closing costs and any back taxes, if stated in the agreement.
Our process is straightforward. Based on comparable market listings in your area, we use these factors to determine a fair cash offer for your land:
• Market value for a similar lot
• Future market trends and demand
• Factors such as road access, terrain, utilities, wetlands, back taxes, liens etc.
• Cost to buy and re-sell your property to an end buyer
• Profit for this service to run our Business
Remember closing cost are generally split between buyer and seller, but we will pay seller’s portion of the closing costs. We want you to walk away knowing that you reached your goals.

Is the offer price negotiable?

In our final quote, we do thorough review of the property and will typically not be able to offer more. There is a certain profit minimum on any transaction that we must meet for it to be worth the process of purchasing, marketing and selling the land.
We do our best to come up with a reasonable offer based on our assessment of the market value and the profit margin that we expect to make.
You may be able to get a higher price for your land if you use a real estate agent, however, you will also need to pay for closing costs and broker’s fees. You can also sell the property yourself, though it will require a lot of effort and is a time-consuming process. Generally, this works better where demand is high.
In many markets land also moves slowly, so depending on the location and property characteristics, it could take years to sell your parcel.

Are there any additional fees involved if I sell my land to you?

No! In fact, when you sell your property to us, you will avoid broker’s fees, advertising costs and listing fees.
We will also cover all regular closing costs, including title fees, recording and transfer taxes, and document preparation fees.

What makes you different from Real Estate Agents?

Most Real Estate Agents mostly sell homes and are not well acquainted with selling land. They do not like to list low cost land and charge hefty commissions. The land market is slow, and using a traditional realtor can take over 12 months (if not longer). Costs incurred over this time add up fast, so get our offer and compare the numbers before binding yourself to a realtor.

We work with a network of land investors and developers to buy land that is not being used to help it see its greatest potential. If we purchase a suburban lot, we will most likely resell the property to someone who is waiting to build their dream home.

With us you pay ZERO commissions and fees and will avoid spending time on the market and save money on taxes, assessments, and prolonged property maintenance.

How can I trust you?

We are a registered and established Real Estate company in the state of NJ. Our core business is buying and selling land. We have worked with many land owners, who are very satisfied with our services.

We typically work with reputable Third-Party service providers, like First American Title, Lawyers Title and Notaries to provide safe, transparent closings, especially on high value properties. We want you to walk away satisfied with our services.

How long does the closing process take?

Many times we are able to close in 4-6 weeks, however, some closings can take longer depending on several factors, including:
• Title Chain Complications 
• Title company’s availability (if applicable)
• Unforeseen issues during due diligence 

What documents do I need to sell my Land?

Most of the information we need on the property you are looking to sell is included in our intake form.
Just submit this form to us and we will send you a quote! In certain unique circumstances, we will also need some additional information.

Please check if any of the following scenarios applies to you:
• The property is held by a Trust – we will need a copy of the trust agreement stipulating who the trustees are.
• The parcel is owned by an LLC – we will need the articles of organization stipulating who the designated officers are.
• One or more of the original owners have passed away – we will need a death certificate if joint ownership with rights of survivorship on deed or trust and, in some instances, proof of probate. We do not typically take the property through probate for you, and this must be done before you sell your land to us. However, we can guide you and connect you to the right resources for the same.
• All of the original owners have passed away – we will typically need proof of probate indicating that title has transferred to the heir.
• HOA/POA Information – Please send us the Information on the HOA/POA including covenants, By-Laws and other regulations and any dues. We can pay the back dues if listed in the contract. If undeclared then it will be deducted from the final payments at the closing.

How do I sell portion of my property?

To sell a portion of your property, you will need to first subdivide the piece you want to sell from the rest of the property.

Each county has a slightly different process for subdividing lots as well as different regulations around what constitutes a legal subdivision. You should check with the county planning office to investigate their subdivision codes.

However, please note that you are not automatically allowed to subdivide a lot just because you own it. In some instances, zoning dictates a minimum lot size, and all subdivided lots must meet this minimum size. Other counties may require that all new lots created after subdivision have legal access.

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