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Top Reasons Why Landowners Are Selling Vacant Land

When a fantastic chance arises, you must take the proper action. Many of the landowners with whom we worked had no intention of selling their property. Why are property owners selling their properties? Check to see if any of these reasons apply to you:


When you bought the land, you felt that the area would develop fast, but you soon realized that nothing could be further from the truth.


You need money for something more important and need to liquidate the asset ASAP.


You don’t want to pay the taxes and/or HOA fees, or other expenses any longer.


You received the land in inheritance and do not want the burden of ownership or go through the long expensive process of Probate. You would rather liquidate as soon as possible.


Your plans for the land changes and are an out-of-state owner and don’t want the burden of land ownership.


You might have unpaid liens or back taxes due, so you could lose the property and would rather make some money rather than none.

Ready to Sell Your Land?

We buy land for cash and pay the closing costs. We strive to make the sale process very easy for our clients.

Get Your Fair No Obligation Cash Offer Now!

How Will Selling Your Land Change Your Life?

ReliefYou will create space in your life for more! There so much more to life than holding on to things that do not bring value or joy anymore.

More Joy and Freedom – With the burden of vacant land lifted off your shoulders, you will feel a sense of relief, and more joy and freedom!

More Money – You will have the option of putting your money to a better use. Do the things you want to do; buy the things you want now!

Ready to Sell Your Land? WE WANT TO BUY IT!

Get Your Fair No Obligation Cash Offer Now!

Why Work with Us?


We pay reasonable cash for your property while also paying your closing costs and any declared back taxes and liens in the agreement.


We work with reputable Closing Companies and Notaries, so you are protected.


We will keep you informed throughout the process.


We will make the sale process easy for you and take the burden of land ownership off your plate.

Ready to Sell Your Land? WE WANT TO BUY IT!

Get Your Fair No Obligation Cash Offer Now!

How Does Our Simple 4-Step Sale Process Work?

Request An Offer

Request your no-obligation offer to receive the fair cash offer for your land.


Sign Sale Agreement

After we verify that your land meets our buying criteria, we’ll send you cash offer with an agreement. You sign the agreement to begin the sale process.

Due Diligence

We perform in depth due diligence on the land and may request you for additional information. We use trusted 3rd party title companies and notaries to open escrow and begin title examination.


You Get Paid

Once the Title work is completed and required notarized documents are received, you get paid!


Ready to Sell Your Land? WE WANT TO BUY IT!

Get Your Fair No Obligation Cash Offer Now!


Great experience working with this company, was able to work with the family Trust, especially the lawyers that were involved to quickly get matters taken care of and resolved. Was great with communication and answering any questions I may have had. Could not recommend this company anymore.
Ray Taylor

Working with Anu and her team was a wonderful experience. The communication was amazing. They were always quick to respond to any questions or concerns i had keeping my mind at ease. I highly recommend dealing with her for any land selling needs you may have.

Joseph Campellone

Green Tara Investments handled the sale of land for me in California. The sale was handled smoothly. A local title company handled the closing paperwork, and DocuSign was used to process the paperwork I needed to complete. I would use Green Tara again.

Kevin R

It was a pleasure working with AnuSavi at Green Tara Investments LLC

Joseph B

Ready to Sell Your Land? WE WANT TO BUY IT!

Get Your Fair No Obligation Cash Offer Now!